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Consumer Advocates: Project Healthcare - Project Healthcare is a shared project of several Wyoming advocacy organizations concerned with monitoring the impact of health reform on Wyoming consumers.

Mission - Consumer Advocates: Project Healthcare will promote a pro-consumer healthcare system.

Vision - Wyoming consumers will join the discussion to make the healthcare system more transparent and publicly accountable.

Healthcare reform is intended to provide consumers with extensive protections and more control over their healthcare. We will help to ensure that Wyoming consumers have access to information they need to participate in the healthcare system as it evolves and access to information that allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of reforms as they are implemented at the state level. Successful reforms should clearly benefit consumers and not just the bottom lines of providers and insurance companies.

Activities -

  • Issue public information bulletins on ACA
  • Collect and distribute stories that illustrate problems citizens have with the current system and how changes to the system impact real people
  • Monitor policy changes associated with implementing ACA at the state level
  • Monitor grant opportunities associated with ACA
  • Provide an organized base and support for health care consumers
  • Maintain a website for facilitating consumer information exchange

Member Groups
Memebers List Coming Soon!

Contact information

Steering Committee
Lori Brand - Cheyenne
Jan Drury - Cheyenne
Mary Hales - Casper
Marguerite Herman - Cheyenne
Pete Jorgensen - Jackson
Jason Mincer - Cheyenne
Barb Rea - Casper
Sarah Gorin - Laramie
Dr. Eric Wedell - Cheyenne
Faith Havens, Casper

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